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A Few of the Customers We Serve

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Everything You Love About BulkLoads, Plus

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Load Tracking

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Document Capture

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Private Load Offers

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Digital Data Recognition

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"You Cannot Put a Price on How Beneficial This Has Been for Our Company"

Streamline Logistics

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Our centralized platform empowers your team with enhanced internal visibility, providing a comprehensive view of load groups, rate data, and carrier history.


optimize efficiency


communicate effectively


increase your revenue


eliminate duel entry

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Carrier Management

Effortlessly provide your carriers with all the necessary load details at the click of a button.


carrier monitoring


historical rate data


private load offers


electronic rate cons

Load Tracking & Visibility

Our GPS tracking feature enables you to receive live updates from carriers, ensuring you have real-time visibility into the progress and location of each load. 


seamlessly share progress with customers


eliminate check calls, texts, and emails


easily chat with drivers through the system


load status notifications

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Experience the first invoicing system designed for bulk freight. Whether you're moving loads by tonnage, bushel, or hundredweight, BulkLoads TMS automates the invoicing process.


docs captured by the driver flow directly to you


AI pulls weights, grades, and other relevant information


carrier auto-generated invoices


export to your accounting software

Most popular app in bulk trucking

With over 15,000 downloads, there's a high chance your carriers already use and love the BulkLoads app

Loads are updated in real-time to show assigned, loading, en route, unloading, and delivered

Carriers instantly receive your load offers and can accept them with one click

"Very effective and yet cost efficient TMS system - I highly recommend"

- Tonya Scharer
Murphy, NC

"I test drove 10 different systems. This has everything and costs way less."

- William Rozinek
Purdy, MO

"We recently upgraded to the bulkTMS application and have been very pleased with it."

- Lester Martin
Versailles, MO

"BulkLoads TMS is truly a game-changer for our business. I can't imagine doing business without it."

- Kari Elliott
Brandon, SD

"It makes my life so much easier and saves me a lot of time in the office."

- Emile Merwe
Adams, NE

"I demo'ed several TMS systems. This one clicked all the boxes. Flows great, keeps everything in one place."

- Codee Anderson
Fort Smith, AR

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