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"I used to spend 33 hours a week collecting tickets and invoicing. Now it only takes 3 hours a week" - BulkLoads+ client

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Load Tracking

Document Capture

Private Load Offers

Digital Data Recognition

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Used by Industry Leaders
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Check out what JAG Trucking says about BulkTMS, now known as BulkLoads+
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Before building BulkLoads+, we researched every system out there. We found that if they were affordable, they weren't able to perform well in the bulk industry.


There are a few out there that have the ability to understand bulk logistics, however, those platforms cost tens of thousands of dollars.

A Robust System That's Affordable
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BulkLoads+ has integrations with ERP and accounting systems, allowing you to eliminate data entry, freeing up employees to target more important things, like landing new customers.

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