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Features Made for the Bulk Industry

A full Dispatch-to-Payment solution to facilitate sharing of supply chain information, enhance communication, and gain efficiencies in transportation and back office processes.

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Private Postings

Post lanes and send offers to your

private group of carriers.

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Better Communication

Chat and negotiate with your carriers in real-time 

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'Uber' Experience

Carriers get an 'Uber' experience through our app. When dispatched, load details arrive instantly at their fingertips. 

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Go Paperless

AI automatically pulls weight, grades, and other data to automate data entry.

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Post to the Load Board

Post public to the load board when looking for carriers outside of your private network.

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Load Visibility

GPS Tracking, status updates, and delivery ETAs.

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Historical Data

View historic rate data to improve quotes.

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Automatic Bookings

Carriers can book your loads with one click. Get alerted when your load is accepted.

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Our restful API can integrate with virtually any system. 

Real-Time Load Visibility and ETA's

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