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Say goodbye to chasing down Load Tickets!

BulkTMS is a collaborative platform that facilitates the sharing of supply chain information. 


Built specifically for the Bulk Freight Transportation Industry.


All of your private Shipments / Contracts and Loads in a centralized system. Better internal visibility creates opportunities for inner-company reloads, better rate data on lanes, lane and carrier history and much more. 

Manage Shipments

Easily send load offers to your private network and receive instant updates when offers are accepted.  Carriers choose which loads they want and can book them directly through the mobile app!  100% FREE for carriers to use, NO Bulkloads membership required!

Send Load Offers

Carriers can book your loads through the mobile app with a click of a button!  Their assignment and load confirmation are automatically generated and sent

Book it Now

Dispatch your carriers to give them an “Uber” like experience in the mobile app. All of the load details are instantly at their fingertips and they simply enter weights, snap documents and with one click all parties are notified and invoiced when a load is completed.  Your contracts are automatically updated so you know what’s left to deliver.

Chat and Negotiate

The Highlights

Chat and negotiate with your carriers in real time with built-in load offer management and messaging systems.

View Incoming Tickets / Documents

Keep all of your received documents organized in your Document Library. Carriers can upload documents on a load assignment (or submit a load themselves), automatically linking the documents to the assignment and instantly viewable in your BulkTMS account or email.

Invoice Management

Carriers can easily submit loads and send digital freight documents through the app for quicker load settlement and payment.  You can then turn around and invoice your counterparty much faster to keep your cash flowing.


Easy as 1,2,3!

Add Shipments
Send Offers
Dispatch Loads
Receive Digital Docs
Completed Load Details

Hundreds of 5 star app reviews!

6,000+ Carriers are already using the Mobile App!

The most popular mobile app in Bulk Freight!

- A single app for carriers to search for loads and contacts, book loads, upload documents, invoice and get paid!

- 100% FREE for your carriers to use!

- There's no need for carriers to get 'app fatigued'  by having to learn new apps or switch back and forth between different apps to manage their loads, upload documents or create an invoice. 


They can do it all with the popular Bulkloads app!

app main screen.jpg

The Bulkloads app is by far the best app for finding Bulk Freight.  I couldn't live without it! - Jeff A.


The Bulkloads app is by far the best app for finding Bulk Freight.  I couldn't live without it! - Jeff A.

Load Management & Dispatch

Easily manage all of your shipments. 

Dispatch to your trusted contacts and view load status, documents, weights and ticket numbers uploaded in real-time from carriers.

book now.jpg
Book it Now
Carriers can now automatically book private loads in the app!

A confirmation and load assignment are automatically generated and sent.

Booking loads becomes much more efficient for both parties.

Inbox &  Messaging

Send and receive instant messages directly to your carrier’s phone to easily communicate about loads, rate negotiations, etc.


Once a load is completed by a carrier, an invoice is automatically generated with all of the load details and supporting documents.


Carriers can even see when the invoice was opened, view payment reports and mark invoices as paid.

Payment Solutions

Do you already have Quick-Pay options for your carriers? 

Great!  We can integrate your options with your loads so your carriers can choose from your payment options when invoicing. 

Don’t have your own Quick-Pay program yet? 

No problem, we can help!  Our payment service, Smart Freight Funding, can help you setup a payment program!  We’ll handle all of the processing and even split the commission charges!

Contact us for more details about payment solutions.


Find out more at


Using our Grain Accounting Router (GAR), we're able to provide complete accounting system integrations with the leading systems in Bulk Freight. 


Contact us to find out more about integrating your system with the BulkTMS program.

Document Management

Keep all of your sent and received documents organized in your Document Library.

Carriers can upload documents on a load assignment so the docs for that load are organized.

Image by Bernd Klutsch
Image by Mika Baumeister
Instant access to Tickets, Weights, Load Status and more

Maybe your Shipper or Broker has requested you send documents and weights to them sooner, or you just want to provide top notch service - we make it super simple with the Bulkloads mobile app! When you’re dispatched a load, or you add one yourself you can easily snap documents, enter weights and ticket numbers or update your loading status from the app and it automatically flows back to your Shipper or Broker making gathering this data much more quicker and efficient.

If your Shipper or Broker isn’t using BulkTMS, you can add an assigned load right from the app and share your documents, status, weights and ticket numbers from the app. When the load is complete, you can automatically invoice them with 1 click! (invoicing coming soon).

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